United Methodist History for Certified Lay Ministers will introduce participants to major themes in United Methodist history.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • To understand and appreciate United Methodist history and heritage.
  • To describe and discuss the ways in which United Methodist history influenced – and continues to influence – the life and work of the denomination.

Required Text

Richey, Russell, Kenneth Rowe, and Jean Miller Schmidt. American Methodism: A Compact History. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4267-4227-9.

Recommended Text

The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, 2016. Nashville: The United Methodist Publishing House, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-501-83321-2. (See also the online free edition.)


TBA 2022

Designed for United Methodist Certified Lay Ministers, this course serves as an introductory overview of the major themes of evangelism and church growth for small membership congregations.

Required Text

Rusaw, Rick and Eric Swanson. The Externally Focused Church. Group Publishing: Loveland, CO, 2004. ISBN-13: 978-0764427404


TBA 2022

This course offers an understanding of United Methodist mission theology as well as some mission education program ideas and methods to pastors, lay and ordained, through a partnership with annual conference board/committee/teams on Global Ministries, with an organized opportunity for reflection on mission and mission theology from the United Methodist perspective.

Required Reading Resources

Nuessle, E. John. 2008. Faithful Witnesses: United Methodist Theology of Mission. New York, NY: General Board of Global Ministries.

Johnson, A. (2011). Mission as word and deed: Transcending the language of priority (PDF will open in a new tab or window). International Journal of Frontier Missiology. Vol. 28(2), 67-73.


October 4-31, 2021 (intensive weekend session followed by online work)

Designed for United Methodist Certified Lay Ministers (CLM). This course is designed to help CLM students learn how to prepare a sermon that delivers the good news. This course also assumes a basic biblical knowledge and ability to exegete the biblical text. It would be helpful to have had at least the Old Testament or the New Testament class.

At the culmination of the class the student will deliver a sermon to the class, the instructor, and some well-established preachers. The student will then receive helpful feedback for their preaching.

The class is limited to a maximum of 10 students to allow plenty of time for student presentations. The goal of this class is to have preachers who can proclaim the Good News to a congregation.

Required Texts

Stanley, Andy and Lane Jones. Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication. Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah Books, 2006. ISBN 978-1590525142, 1590525140.

A New Revised Standard Version Study Bible (i.e. The Disciple Study Bible, HarperCollins Study Bible, New Oxford Annotated Bible, The Wesley Study Bible, or online at Oremus Bible Browser.

Access to good commentaries (your church library may help with this, or your congregation's pastor): Harper's One Volume, Interpretation, Interpreter's, or online "Working Preacher" and Bible Hub have excellent commentaries.


November 1 - December 5 2021 -- 5 weeks with a one-day face-to-face meeting; date and location TBA. This meeting will need to be a priority on your calendar and will be half of your grade.

The Worship course is intended to help Certified Lay Ministry (CLM) students accomplish the following:

  1. Understand that designing and leading corporate worship is to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Gain knowledge of the elements and order of worship outlined in The United Methodist Book of Worship.
  3. Understand the importance of spiritual disciplines used in designing Spirit-led worship through Scripture, prayer, contemplation, other texts, singing.
  4. Develop practical applications for designing and leading thematic worship.

Required Texts

Hickman, Hoyt L. Worshiping With United Methodists: A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780687335268

The United Methodist Book of Worship. Nashville: The United Methodist Publishing House, 1992.

Bible, multiple translations suggested.

The United Methodist Hymnal. Nashville: The United Methodist Publishing House, 1989.

The Faith We Sing. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2000.

Worship & Song, Leader's Edition. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-426- 70994-4


TBA 2022

Online meetings: Class meets online each Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Central time. A high-speed internet connection and a webcam are highly recommended.